” Yes definitely. You guys did a great job. I used An agency first and the woman that ran the organization adored my ex husband and gave me so many problems. If I were 5 minutes late she would cancel my visit. Then she cancelled all my visits when I confronted her and I spent 8 months in court trying to get my visitation back. It was a nightmare.” ~ Jane

“After having a very negative and unprofessional experience with an agency that provided “safe” child exchanges I was court ordered to use Angels for Children to do monitored exchanges. They were very understanding about my situation and worked with us to provide monitored exchanges at a time and location that was requested. The supervisor was very sweet and caring towards me and my child. She even showed up to testify in my case with a broken foot. Angels for Children showed no bias between parents and resolved any issues that arose with compassion and kindness.” ~ Billy

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