Initiating Services


signing contractPLEASE CONTACT ELIZABETH REIZE at (281) 380-3928 and provide information regarding the case including client’s full names, phone numbers, emails, court information and reason for referrals. The clients will be contacted via email and or phone for completion of orientation/intake process. Each client will be charged $75 for the intake process which will include an overview of policies, procedures and additional information will be gathered about their case and the needs of their case. Services will not begin until the intake fee has been paid, unless other arrangements have been made with the agency.

Each client is required to provide a copy of a valid driver’s license, a copy of a valid auto insurance card, and information about the child/children in their case. Additional information for a data profile will also be gathered from each client and maintained in a private file for each case. No personal information will be shared with the other parent. A current photo of the child will also be requested from the custodial parent. At Angels for Children we believe each client deserves to be treated with respect and we will strive to make sure each client feels comfortable and no personal judgment will be imposed upon them regardless of the reason for services.

Angels for children is required to obtain a court order or written agreement for supervised visitation services. The order/agreement should detail the following information:

  1. Who is to participate in the supervised visitation sessions? If a stepparent, grandparent, siblings, or any other persons are to be involved along with the visiting parent please name them specifically.
  2. When are the visits expected to happen? Supervised visits are generally scheduled on weekends or a two-hour visit during the weekday, generally 6pm till 8 pm. ANGELS FOR CHILDREN WILL STRIVE TO PROVIDE SERVICES PER THE COURT ORDER however the time and amount of hours for visitation for each family will depend on the availability of agency staff.
  3. How much of the fee for services will each side pay? 100% to one party, 50/50 split, or other arrangements

Once all parties have completed registration/intake interview, final scheduling arrangements will be made. Please plan ahead – we are providing services in multiple cases, we will strive to begin providing services as soon as possible, depending on availability of staff resources.

Please click link to download Supervised Visitation Guidelines