Angels For Children is a supervised visitation program designed to provide individualized supervision for non-custodial parents and their children. There are many reasons why someone may need our services. The primary reasons are allegations of abuse and neglect, drug or alcohol abuse, reunification between a parent and child, or a parent may have an ongoing criminal case. Angels for children was developed by Elizabeth Reize, who has over 25 years working with families and children involved in family court issues. Her background includes providing supervised visitation services, conducting custody evaluations and providing mediations for families in Harris County Courts. She has a passion for working with families and children and now she would like to share her expertise in a much deserved area. Angels for children will coordinate a professionally trained staff who will supervise visits in the community, at a parent’s home or other child- friendly locations. We also provide exchange services for cases where there are protective orders or for families who need a neutral third party for safety reasons.

Our goal in providing supervised visitation is to minimize the emotional hardship that children frequently have endure in the middle of custody disputes or any other litigation. Supervised visitation will allow children to maintain safe and positive contact with the noncustodial parent and other significant relatives.  Guests must be agreed to and must be related to the children or have played a major role in their life.